Dr. Harvey's Foster Room



Dusty's Dog House has dedicated one of our luxury sized boarding rooms to always fostering a local homeless dog until it's forever home is found.  The Dr. Harvey's food company has also generously offered to help sponsor our foster and will provide him/her with healthy and nutritious meals during their stay with us.  

Past Fosters

Hudson was personally found by the owner Frank wandering around in Hudson County Park here in Bayonne. He was eating sticks but showed no hesitation whatsoever in coming over to say hello. He was quite emaciated but in good spirits.  Thanks to the support of many of our clients, Hudson quickly put on weight, received all his vaccines, was neutered and found a great home!  We are so happy for him.


Cosmo was a stray found in Bayonne by one of our staff members.  He lived with us for about 6 months before finding his forever home.   

North was our second foster and stayed with us for over a year.  Just when it seemed we would never find a home for him, his new best friend came along and adopted him.  North is currently living in the area and enjoys visits around the North East and hiking with his new best pal.  We couldn't be happier for North.

Phoenix is just barely a year old and LOVES other dogs! Phoenix's original adopters were unable to commit to providing him with the loving, structured home every large puppy needs. Interested in being his FOREVER family?  Come check him out today!  He is just a bundle of fun looking to share his love.



Zayn was our very foster dog to stay with us.  He grew on everyone here, including Frank the owner.  After only 3 months, Zayn was officially a foster failure and moved into his new home with big brother Dusty.  Today he comes to Dusty's Dog House daily and loves all the attention he gets.

Waggi stayed with us a few months and just loved wagging his tail at everyone he met.  He made some doggy buddies and lots of human friends during his stay.  Waggi is now living up state NY near Albany with his new mom.  We are so happy for our big pal.