Mariana has worked at Dusty's Dog House since July 2017.  She is one of our guest's favorites.  She loves greeting all the pups when she sees them and they get so excited.  She no longer her has her own pup at home but does have a pet rabbit named Peanut.

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Liam has been working here at Dusty's Dog House since November 2016.  He adores all our guests but also helps stray dogs.  He found a home for one of our recent strays Dory and just recently helped a lost dog get reunited with its owner.  He has 2 of his own dogs at home, a white pit named Opi and a poodle named Bruce.


Kevin started working at Dusty's Dog House in September 2017.  He has a great demeanor with all the dogs.  You can always find them going up to him for some pets in the room.  At home he has a Chocolate English lab named Jack who used to come visit us even before he started working here.  

When he comes home from his day at Dustys the beast is so tuckered out he plops on the couch gives a big yawn and the only time he moves is to eat or go out


David has been with Dusty's Dog House since April 2015.  He is always looking out for the safety and welfare of not only the dogs in our care but even strays.  David is pictured here with Cosmo, a stray he found and took off the street and brought to Dusty's.  He has 4 dachsunds of his own, named Kona, Fred, Guinness and Arya.    

From the time I met with the owner, through the tour of the facilties, & after meeting several of the other staff members - I have been beyond impressed


James has been with us at Dusty's Dog House since we opened in October 2014.  James is currently attending New Jersey City University for his Bachelor's Degree.  He owns 2 dogs of his own whose names are Oliver and Achilles.

Harley's Dad


Patricia has been working as our groomer here at Dusty's Dog House since our opening in October 2014.  She has 12 years experience grooming dogs and always meets our clients grooming needs.

Bella's Mom


Luis has worked at Dusty's Dog House since we opened in October 2014. He has been working with dogs both at other doggy day cares and in shelters for the past 11 years.  He also does dog training and is one of our most experienced dog handlers.  He has 1 dog at home named Razor.


Jude has been with us since we opened in October 2014. She has been working with animals for 21 years via volunteer work, pet sitting, dog day cares and training.  She has helped many through personal consultations, training and referrals.  She has 3 dogs of her own, whose names are Trinity, Neo and Chase.


Danielle has been with us at Dusty's Dog House since October 2015. She currently attends New Jersey City University in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Biology.  She hopes to continue her education in the field of Veterinarian Medicine.  At home she lives with her dog Chase who she rescued from a local shelter, as well as her pup Kilo.

Awesome place. You can tell they love animals. My dog comes home happy and tired!!! Would def recommend.

Buddy's Mom

Joby's Mom

The facility is neat, clean and organized. I love the individual rooms upstairs where the dogs rest. Dusty's Dog House is AWESOME!


Meet Our Caring Team


We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


My name is Frank and I currently live in Jersey City, NJ with my wife Jennifer and our dogs Dusty and Zayn.  We are both avid dog lovers, having grown up with dogs for most of our lives.  Together we adopted a Boston Terrier named Jake in 2010.  Despite our best efforts, he passed away just a few months later from a brain tumor.  Heart broken, we decided to let another dog into our lives. That dog was Dusty.  Dusty has been quite the handful from the start but he is one of a kind and is so proud to have a dog daycare named after him.  One of the reasons I opened Dusty's Dog House was to also help at least one homeless animal have a safe place to stay until their forever home is found.  Our very first foster dog was Zayn and needless to say we became foster failures.  Zayn is now Dusty's little brother despite being larger than him.

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